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Taiba Private Bilingual School

School is the second post-family cell for students to go out to the outside world.

This world is full of new and diverse experiences imposed on it, which calls for hard work and communication until the ladder of success and progress to reach the post-Mediterranean stage.

The school administration has taken a path and a way to reach students to the desired goal of spending school time in a safe and healthy atmosphere and educational facilities where all available means that develop their mental abilities and satisfy their scientific curiosity to get out of the shell of their disability to integrate with the community and this will be achieved through work and follow-up translation Ideas and principles desired into reality.

In this context, all efforts are intensified from administrators, teachers, supervisors and even workers to complement the work under the desired goals and enable the student to overcome his disability and overcome and even considered often non-existent with the discovery of abilities and talent refinement.

Kindergarten class

From the age of 3 years and two months

Primer grade

From the age of 4 years and two months

First grade bilingual

From 5 years and two months

Second grade bilingual

From the age of 6 years and two months

Third grade bilingual

From the age of 7 years and two months

Fourth grade bilingual

From the age of 8 years and two months

Fifth grade bilingual

Six grade bilingual

Seven grade bilingual

Frist grade basic

Second grade basic

Third grade basic

Fourth grade basic

Fifth grade basic

Fikry grade A

Fikry grade B

Speech and behavior correction sessions

Skills development

School Events & Activites

Taiba School put a great effert on organizing event and activites

A special episode about Thebes School and its students

Ministry supervisors visit the school

Graduation ceremony for the third batch of pupils on 21/5/2017

47th National Day

Training Course: Creative base for teaching the Holy Quran and Arabic

The activity of plastic arts subject is mosaic painting through the distance education program implemented in the school


Interview with Miss. Mariam School's principal

7 Step to prevent Covid-19


Taiba school Motherday Celebration

Taiba school Students

Taiba school Congrats his great highness on his brithday

Taiba school's Featured students

Hand made workshop

Firemen's school visit

Taiba School infographic

Taiba School Animation logo


Frequently Asked Questions

Is there is any offer to register?

Special discount for brothers with OMR 25 per student

How much fees to register a new student?

Paying OMR 100 ( Not refunded according to the system of the Ministry of Education )

How many time registration fee is paid?

Registration fees gets pay on start of every year.

How to register a new student?

You can register from the following link.

What are the conditions for accepting a non-Omani student?

1- Certification of the birth certificate from the competent authorities (the embassy of his country + the Omani Ministry of Foreign Affairs, or the embassy of the Sultanate of Oman in his country).

2- Obtaining a valid residency permit throughout the academic year (resident card).

3- The first-grade student undergoes medical examinations in coordination with the competent medical authorities.

4- Copies of the child’s vaccination in first grade are required.

What is the allowed age to register a first row student?

Student age not be less than (5) years and two months and not grater than (7) years and two months

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