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Social Service

Social service is the work to integrate the learner in the social environment available in the school and be


Develop an action plan for each new academic year early, including its activities and efforts for professional performance at the individual, group and community levels of learners to achieve the desired goals.

Study the phenomena or problems that arise in the school or local environment.

Early detection of pressures, crises and setbacks that learners may experience and to monitor the negative behaviors that can result from it by using all available means.

Investing school groups in developing the personalities of learners and refine their talents and discover their abilities.

Assist the parties of the educational process: learners, teachers, school administration and parents in expressing their wishes and needs.

Creating healthy social relationships between learners with each other, between learners and supervisors and between learners and employees.

Assist students in overcoming social crises in the event of their occurrence and establish effective treatment plans for these cases with the need to assess the causes and careful analysis through a report.

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Psychological services

Study cases of emotional disturbance and behavioral deviation in the school and determine the guidance needs.

The use of psychological instruments and tools and other measures and develop an appropriate treatment plan and work to implement them.

Study the psychological phenomena in the school and contribute to the field of educational psychological research.

Special follow-up for cases that require special psychological service.

The application of psychological tests.

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Tasks of the conversational teacher:

A comprehensive survey of all cases at the beginning of the school year to identify new cases and evaluate communication skills (rhetoric, pronunciation, hearing and sound).

Conduct a preliminary examination of the hearing capacity and assess the degree of hearing.

List the cases proposed for inclusion and beneficiaries of the training in the Speech Training Schedule.

Write down a daily training schedule and submit a sample to the principal and assistant principal.

Opening an individual communication file for training cases and filling the forms and data through the social file. Record the training sessions from its objectives, course progress and results with a record of the training sessions.

Creating a communication room to receive cases and the communication room is one of the most important rooms in the school.

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Health Services

Follow up the personal hygiene of students during the morning queue.

Notify the Department of the disease cases, if any.

Supervise the process of vaccination against infectious diseases.

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Academic Educational Service

Studying cases of late students and identifying the causes of delays.

Work to discover students with excellent abilities or outstanding academic talents and develop an appropriate plan to invest their abilities.

Apply achievement tests to determine whether students can be included in regular classes.

Consolidate cases with the lowest achievement level in the appropriate levels.